About Me

Hi! I’m Ani (pronounced ah-nee)–just a random teen with a love of reading. And this is my story.

I am a 15 16 17 year old minimalist, Christian homeschooler, and sister to six. From the time I was born as the second oldest my parents have been strict and disciplining yet loving and nurturing. In 2015, we took a trip to Bryce Canyon Natl Park and while there watched the movie Gifted Hands—the story of Ben Carson. Little did we know how much his story would change our lives. After seeing how much reading impacted and helped Ben Carson become such a great leader, my parents decided they wanted the same for us. Thus they started a new rule; we were to pick one non-fiction book a week and write a one-page book report on it. About a year later they started a book list. My dad would listen to audiobooks throughout the year and as he found books that he liked and thought great for us to read he would write it down. At the end of the year, they create a checklist of books. Each week we pick one off the list, read it, write a report on it, and check it off. My mom and he created a family vision and framed and hung it in our dining room for all to see. They even framed and hung a vision in each of our rooms. They pick books each year that go along with the vision. Fast forward several years, I have now read hundreds of non-fiction books and have written many reports. Ani’s Books was started with the encouragement of my dad to share all my reviews and the knowledge I have gained with others. I hope my blog encourages you to enter the realm of knowledge found in books. I also pray that I am an inspiration to people of all ages to gain knowledge that will last a life-time. Ani’s Books is all about books, learning, and motivation. However, even if you don’t like books (which you have to be heathen not to) I pray you can still learn something from a post and enjoy browsing around. Reading is obviously my favorite thing to do, and blogging about it as well is my dream. However, reading isn’t everyone’s thing so I hope Ani’s Books encourages you to follow your dream, whatever it is–reading or not.

Here are some random things about me:

  • My favorite movie is Forever My Girl.
  • I love Narnia!
  • My favorite book is Optimisfits by Ben Courson, as well as, all books by Chuck Black.
  • I love jumprope! I practice with my jumprope team-the Rattlesnake Ropers- and then we go to lots of different schools and put on shows!
  • I love Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song”, Francesca Batestelli’s “Giants Fall”, and all songs by For King and Country.
  • I have read over 25 (200+ page) books in two weeks.
  • I am a proud minimalist.
  • Visit this post as well as this one and this one to read even more random facts about me.

I always love hearing random things about other people so please share some random facts about yourself! What are your favorite books, movies, food, blogs, etc? Drop me a comment!

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