Breakthrough by Joyce Smith // Book Review

Visit Amazon for more info. Disclaimer: I watched the movie "Breakthrough" before reading the book. So some of my opinions might come from both. SYNOPSIS: When Joyce Smith's fourteen-year-old son John fell through an icy Missouri lake one winter morning, she and her family had seemingly lost everything. At the hospital, John lay lifeless for [...]

Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done by Ray Barnett // Book Review

Disclaimer: This book was requested for review by Lydia Sherwood. She provided me with a free copy without expecting a positive review. All thoughts are my own. SYNOPSIS: As a young boy struggling to find his way through the immense poverty, secrecy and war-time suffering that gripped his life in Northern Ireland, Ray Barnett dreamed [...]

Speak Truth in Your Heart by Sarah Mally // Book Review

Visit Amazon for more info. SYNOPSIS: Many girls try to change their wrong actions, but never learn to discern the wrong thinking behind the actions. In this new book, Sarah Mally challenges girls to identify lies which are root issues behind struggles they face. Including thought-provoking cartoons, stories, biblical teaching, and practical steps of action, [...]

Childish Spirits by Rob Keeley // Book Review and Author Interview AND Giveaway

Childish Spirits by Rob Keeley // Book Review and Author Interview AND Giveaway

When Ellie and her family move into Inchwood Manor, Ellie quickly discovers strange things are happening. Who is the mysterious boy at the window? What secrets lie within the abandoned nursery? Who is the woman who haunts Ellie’s dreams – and why has she returned to the Manor, after more than a century?

Important Announcement!

I apologize for not posting on Saturday or Monday. Our internet went out. The only way I can now post is through my phone--which is why this is such a short post. We are waiting for a new router to arrive in the mail before the Internet will work again. I am not sure when [...]