Review Policy

*If you would like for me to review your book or if you would like to request a review on a random book, I would be more than happy to. In order to, please read my policy below, than fill out the Review Form.

Notice: Starting May 10, 2019, I will post on at least Monday, Thursday, and Saturday of every week (some weeks I may post more than this) and I will post a book review on at least TWO of these days.


What Will I Review? ALL types of Nonfiction (except with an unreasonable amount of cuss words); Christian Fiction; *Historical Fiction; *Most Fiction; *Classics; *Fantasy; *Fairytales

*While these genres are on my “will read” genre, I do have the right to refuse a book even if it is under one of these “will read” genres if I feel uncomfortable reading it.

What Will I NOT Review? NO Adult romance, Harry Potter, Hunger Games,  Science fiction, Books with an unreasonable amount of language, killing, violence, or unclean content


YuckThis rating means that I did not like the book at all, do not recomend it, and consider it a waste of time. It could be because of language or content that was so bad I couldn’t finish it.


It was not worth the time. This book was better than horrible but not much. I most likely read the whole book, but I would definitely not read it again.


Meh. The book was okay. I read the whole thing, and might read it again, but it is not on my list of favorites. A book may be rated this rating because of how boring it was. It wasn’t bad, I just didn’t care for it alot.


I loved this book! I would definitely read it again and I would also recommend this book. It was a really good book! It is probably on my list of favorites, but it isn’t quite on my list of top 5.


This book was the best…literally! If I rate a book five stars, it means that it is now on my list of TOP five. I would read and reread this book many times again.

This is now my FAVORITE book. If I put this black star rating on a book review, it means that it is currently my favorite book. Only one book can have this rating at a time. If I have it on one book but then read another and decide that it is now my favorite, I will remove the picture from Book 1 and replace it with a five star rating. I will then move the picture to Book 2. This book is one in a galaxy!

If you ever have questions or comments on my reviews, please don’t hesitate to contact me or give me a comment. I would love to chat with you!