Review Policy

*If you would like for me to review your book or if you would like to request a review on a random book, I would be more than happy to. In order to, please read my policy below, than fill out the Review Form.

Notice: Starting June 7, 2019, I will post on at least Wednesday, and Saturday of every week (some weeks I may post more than this) and I will post a book review on at least ONE of these days.


What Will I Review? ALL types of Nonfiction (except with cuss words and adult content) *Christian Fiction; *Historical Fiction; *Most Fiction; *Classics; *Fantasy; *Fairytales, Pretty much only books rated G

*While these genres are on my “will read” genre, I do have the right to refuse a book even if it is under one of these “will read” genres if I feel uncomfortable reading it.

What Will I NOT Review? NO adult romance (I will occasionally review books that have romance in them, but I will NEVER review books that contain any type of sex or heavy or medium romance) Harry Potter, Hunger Games,  Science fiction, Books with unclean language, killing, violence, sex, or unclean content


YuckThis rating means that I did not like the book at all, do not recomend it, and consider it a waste of time. It could be because of language or content that was so bad I couldn’t finish it.


It was not worth the time. This book was better than horrible but not much. I most likely read the whole book, but I would definitely not read it again.


Meh. The book was okay. I read the whole thing, and might read it again, but it is not on my list of favorites. A book may be rated this rating because of how boring it was. It wasn’t bad, I just didn’t care for it alot.


I loved this book! I would definitely read it again and I would also recommend this book. It was a really good book! It is probably on my list of favorites, but it isn’t quite on my list of top 5.


This book was the best…literally! If I rate a book five stars, it means that it is now on my list of TOP books. I would read and reread this book many times again.

This is now my FAVORITE book. If I put this black star rating on a book review, it means that it is currently my favorite book. Only one book can have this rating at a time. If I have it on one book but then read another and decide that it is now my favorite, I will remove the picture from Book 1 and replace it with a five star rating. I will then move the picture to Book 2. This book is one in a galaxy!

If you ever have questions or comments on my reviews, please don’t hesitate to contact me or give me a comment. I would love to chat with you!

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